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All Bamb Lyrics: The Punjabi song is sung by Amrit Maan, and has music by Desi Crew while Ikwinder Singh has written the All Bamb Lyrics. The music video of the All Bamb song is directed by 10ZMA1 (UK).

All Bamb Lyrics

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Written by:
Ikwinder Singh

Lyricsmint FAQs & Trivia

Who wrote the lyrics of "All Bamb" song?

Ikwinder Singh has written the lyrics of "All Bamb".

Who is the singer of "All Bamb" song?

Amrit Maan has sung the song "All Bamb". Amrit Maan is known for singing songs like Mithi Mithi, My Moon, and Bambiha Bole.

Who directed "All Bamb" music video?

10ZMA1 (UK) has directed the music video of "All Bamb".