The Dewarists

The Dewarists is a musical television series on Star World India. The series is part music documentary and part travelogue. The show casts musicians from various parts of the world, collaborating to create original music while travelling across India.

Dewarists believe that Some things are just worth doing. They are in search of a song in each episode. By the end of the journey, artists will have a track that will reflect each of their genres and also it reflects the sounds and culture of the place they travel. Every episode is a movement to identify Dewarists in the realm of music, who follow their passion. The show aims to inspire audiences to follow their dreams and do what they believe in.

These people from The Dewarists are doing a great job. and at the end of the show, we get to hear and watch a song. We can say they are promoting Independent Music in India which is a great thing. Well Done Dewarists!