Top 3 Casino Songs - You can't miss these classics!

Music is an art form that aims to convey emotion through sound. Yes, casinos are often associated with money, but they are all about the emotional roller-coaster that comes with big wins or losses. The anticipation of the spin of the roulette wheel. The thrill of victory and the dread of defeat. Playing games of chance can produce a myriad of emotions that can be powerful in strength. Thus, it is no wonder that artists have used the activity for musical inspiration. Even though most players have migrated onto online platforms such as NetBet casino UK, there are still no popular songs about digital gaming sites. However, there are more than a few classics about physical gambling that you can enjoy. Here are what we believe are the three best ones.

Rolling Stones – Casino Boogie

Ah, the Stones. Likely one of, if not the best rock band in history. While most fans know the lyrics to such songs as Start Me Up, Angie, Gimme Shelter, and Satisfaction by heart, only hardcore ones can sing you Casino Boogie on cue. It was recorded in 1972 at Keith Richards’ home in France, Villa Nellcote. It features a straightforward blues rhythm whose goal is to produce a boogie-feel via saxophone solos. The song has no traditional lyrics and has no meaning. So, you won’t see its verses quoted often. To construct the song, Jagger wrote strange phrases on pieces of paper. Then, he jumbled them up and made each band member picked one out at random.  The result, lines such as – Grotesque music, million dollars sad. The Rolling Stones have never played this song live, and they never released it as a single. However, thanks to modern technology, you can listen to it on YouTube.

Sting – Shape of My Heart

Gordon Sumner, better known as Sting, is a musician that never goes out of style. The former principal songwriter of the legendary new-wave band the Police launched his solo career in 1985 and never looked back as his popularity sky-rocketed. Every casual music fan knows and loves his hit songs such as Every Breath You Take, Desert Rose, and Shape of My Heart. Yet, few know that the latter is about gambling. It tells the story of a card player who plays to figure out the mystical logic that guides luck. If you analyze the lyrics, this is clear, as Sting sings – He deals the cards to find the answer. Popularized by the Luc Besson 1993 film, Leon, Shape of My Heart got released in 1993, and so far, it has over 130 million plays on Spotify.

Frank Sinatra – Luck Be a Lady

They call you lady luck, yet there is room for doubt. That’s how this legendary song, written by songwriter Frank Loesser opens. First performed by Robert Alda, it got featured in Loesser’s famous musical Guys and Dolls. Its lyrics convey the emotions of the musical’s title character Sky Masterson, who hopes to win a bet that will help save his relationship with the girl of his dreams. Marlon Brando sang it in the 1955 feature film adaptation. However, it became Frank Sinatra’s signature song with the release of his compilation album – Reprise Musical Repertory Theatre in 1963. Over time, his version has been used in countless movies and TV shows and is now a part of pop culture. It also gets played in a loop at some land-based casinos.