TOP 20 Latest Punjabi Songs – with Punjabi Quotes

TOP 20 Latest Punjabi Songs with Quotes:
Punjabi Music is gaining popularity everywhere, now it’s not limited to just Punjabi audience. It’s growing all over India and abroad – be it UK, Canada, New Zealand, Australia or any other part of the world it’s everywhere. A number of artists Punjabi music has witnessed is huge and it has given a new direction to the Independent music scene. We love Punjabi music and if you’ve started having a taste for Punjabi music. Here we are with 20 contemporary Punjabi songs to start with.

We’ve prepared a list of 20 Latest Punjabi songs with some amazing lyrical lines/quotes from that particular song. This list of songs is not based on any specific criteria. These are the top 20 songs of contemporary Punjabi music that we think you MUST LISTEN!

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20. Mil Ke Baithange – Amrinder Gill

Missing someone? this song is your companion.

The song will bring more love in heart for someone special. Beautifully written by Vinder Nathumarja and sung by Amrinder Gill under Jatinder Shah’s direction.


19. Ikk Vaari Hor Soch Lae – Harish Verma

Give it one more chance!

Ikk vaari hor soch lae is a beautiful song and has even more beautiful music video directed by Anurag Singh.


18. Na Ji Na – Hardy Sandhu

Another beautiful composition by B Praak written by Jaani and sung by Hardy Sandhu.


17. Supna – Amrinder Gill

A feel-good sad-song.

You’ve lost her, but at least in your dreams, you’re are with her.

Amrinder Gill’s voice + B Praak’s music + Jaani’s words will make sadness smile 🙂


16. Marjawan – Jassi Gill

A Simple Beautiful Song from Channo Kamli Yaar Di. The song has Kumaar’s “simply beautiful” lyrics, Jassi Gill’s heartfelt voice and Jatinder Shah’s low on music, melodious composition.
“Tere utte marke dil je naa dhadke… Ohnu bada tadpavaan…”



15. Dasi Na Mere Baare – Goldy

Another beautiful short film directed by Parmish Verma. Shot very simply and in a limited budget and outcome is just beautiful. BRAVO, Parmish!


14. Gallan Mithiyaan – Mankirt Aulakh

Another awesome music video by Parmish Verma who is doing some really fantastic work in Punjabi industry. Bittu Cheema’s lyrics are just amazing, please do read them attentively and listen to this awesome track by Mankirt Aulakh. Himashi Khurana’s presence makes it more beautiful.


13. 5 Taara – Diljit Dosanjh

Diljit Dosanjh’s ultra cool take on how to take a Breakup. The Punjabi song is shot on Bollywood scale by Jatt & Juliet director Anurag Singh. The song is composed by Jatinder Shah and written by Ranbir Singh.


12. Kudi Mardi Ae Tere Te – Happy Raikoti

Raikoti knows how to be a good man. This song of his from a girl’s perspective is just beautiful.

Boys, you need to think over this!

“Kudi mardi ae tere te… ve tu thoda jeha taa mareya kar…”


11. Yaar Mod Do – Guru Randhawa, Millind Gaba

Millind Gaba’s Punjabi Friendship anthem – very well written by the vocalists of the song Guru Ranjdhawa and Millind Gaba.


10. Dil Darda – Roshan Prince

Roshan Prince’ beautiful song Dil Darda. Roshan’s heart touching vocals are the USP of the song and Happy Raikoti’s style of writing is just beautiful.


9. Mere Kol – Prabh Gill

Prabh Gill’s Mere Kol – A song about a man’s disloyalty and carelessness for his girl. The song is nicely penned down by Jaani and composed by B Praak.


8. Time Table 2 – Kulwinder Billa

Aah! what an amazing song, Watch the video and see the magic it does to you. It will make you feel amazingly beautiful and also it will make you believe in old age love.

The song is sung by Kulwinder Billa and beautifully written by Abbi Fatehgaria and composed by Laddi Gill, and FRAME SINGH has done an amazing job with its music video.


7. Khaab – Akhil

Akhil’s Khaab has such a beautiful rhythm and musicality about it that it touches your heart in just one go. The song is beautifully conceptualized and directed by the universally loved – Parmish Verma.


6. Ik Saal – Jassi Gill

An another Classic of recent times by Jassi Gill. The song is an anthem and piece of heart for many people who have faced breakup and couldn’t get over it.


5. Soch – Hardy Sandhu

Another Hit song by B Praak + Jaani + Hardy Sandhu.

This one is heard by almost everyone as it was recreated for Akshay Kumar starrer AirLift. B Praak is just an amazing composer who brings soul to his songs. He is the one composer who must also be composing the music for Bollywood films.


4. Joker – Hardy Sandhu

Jaani + B Praak + Hardy Sandhu = SUPER HIT!

An amazingly beautiful song by Hardy Sandhu, Just Listen and witness the magic.


3. Taara – Ammy Virk

Jaani’s awesome lyrics, Ammy’s powerful vocals, and B Praak’s soulful composition. The song has got everything and Virsa Arts have done an equally good job with the music video.


2. Aadat – Ninja

Aadat is kind of a classic of recent times, Beautifully sang by the soulful artist Ninja. The music video for the song directed by Parmish Verma is equally good. The song has music produced by GoldBoy.


1. Ki Banu Duniya Da – Gurdas Maan

Legendary Gurdas Maan Saab’s Ki Banu Duniya Da is one of the most epic Punjabi songs of our times. It says we are forgetting our roots and adapting to the west. Diljit too has done a great job and gave a kind of homage to the legend by adding his classic song Raavi ton Chenab puchda ki haal ai Satluj da… to it.

Quote Meaning:
Drugs are ruining the youth of our country
Reducing their bodies to bones that sound like Shiva’s drums of death
Bad politics is killing the ambition of our youth
Cheating has become the norm
Oh, what is to become our world? only the God Almighty knows.

The song can be the life guru that can teach you so many good things and will make you a better person.