Shirish Kunder can’t stop praising Sonu Nigam, He has sung in 54 different voices

Shirish Kunder is one happy man these days. Besides writing and producing his wife Farah Khan’s directorial venture Tees Maar Khan, Shirish is also set to make his mark as a music composer and lyricist with this film! Shirish, who is the writer, producer and editor of Tees Maar Khan, will be making his debut as music composer and lyricist with this film! Kunder is also composing the background score for the film. Surely He is Master of all trades, we must say.

There are 5 songs in all in Tees Maar Khan, four of which are composed by Vishal-Shekhar, while Shirish has done the title track of the film, including the composing and the lyrics. He also composed the film’s theme music.”

Shirish can’t stop praising Sonu Nigam, who sang the title track of TMK. Reveals the debutant music director,

Sonu Nigam, who has sung the title track, needs an exceptional mention and credit for the wonders that he has done to this track. He has sung the same song 54 times in 54 different voices! Of the 54 odd voices, there are male voices, female voices, the chorus and also Chinese girl’s voices. Sonu has sung all of these voices. And even in the male voice, there are 4 different voices. Each and every vocal that one hears is sung by Sonu Nigam! This is a song that tells us about all the characters in the film.

Recently in Delhi Nigam said that I’m eagerly waiting for my title track of “Tees Maar Khan” to go on air.

Vishal Dadlani also praised Sonu Nigam,

You can’t become a Sonu Nigam by coming on a TV show. Sonu is so versatile that I believe he can sing in Bhojpuri or even in Chinese.

Well, it seems like Shirish and Sonu are all set to surprise the audiences with the title track of Tees Maar Khan.
So guys, Be ready to listen to some thing amazing and innovative work of Sonu Nigam.

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