EK MAIN AUR EKk TU – Music Album Review

The soundtrack of Dharma Productions’ new project “Ek Main Aur Ekk Tu” is composed by National Award Winning composer Amit Trivedi. As always the lyrics are penned by Amitabh Bhattacharya who penned the lyrics for most of the compositions of Amit Trivedi.

The album starts with the Title Track – Ek Main aur Ekk Tu. This song sets the ground of story of the Movie. Both Characters are Intoxicated and sings this song. As the song starts it sets the mood and starting of the song is very good. Male vocals are by Benny Dayal who did nice job and in between Anushka’s voice complements the song.

Gubbare is sweet song sung by Amit Trivedi himself, he sings in husky voice. It’s a light song which makes you feel light and relaxed. Shilpa Rao also did a nice job in this song.
And If you are feeling upset then Just play it.

Aunty Ji (Aunty Ji this one is for you.)
This one is sung by Ash King who sang two beautiful romantic songs Te Amo and I Love You this year. But this one is not a soft romantic number, This is a party song though Ash King’s voice is sweet, it sounds good. Lyrics of the song praises Aunty Ji. This song is very unique which we do expect from Amit Trivedi. Many people are disliking this but this one is really a nice song.

Aahatein: Song is about missing your lover, A typical Bollywood style song. There is not much in this track But Lyrics will do the work and people will like this one.

Kar Chalna Shuru Tu – The song itself starts running when the line ‘kar chalna shuru tu’ comes. Lyrics are nice and philosophical. Song tells, Whatever you have be happy with that atleast don’t loose what you have. Vishal Dadlani sings it well.

This is a good album, Not that good, we can expect more from Amit Trivedi, But It’s a mainstream Bollywood film where original Amit Trivedi might not come out or can’t came out or producers will not give full freedom to experiment. 
Not like Dev D or Aamir but still a Good Album.