The Easiest Hindi Songs For Guitar and Piano

The most popular Hindi songs come from movies inspired by traditional and modern sources. The music features a balanced mix of shrutis and ragas, giving its authentic vibe. We have you covered if you wish to play easy songs on your piano or guitar. Using tools such as Chordify helps you get the chords of any Bollywood song. The chord accuracy enables you to play your favourite music as it sounds. In addition, we share the easiest songs that you can start with.

Arijit Singh on Guitar - Courtesy: Arijit Singh FB Page


If you're a beginner looking for the most straightforward song to play, go for this one. Humsafar (from Badrinath Ki Dulhania) found this way on top of the list thanks to its simple structure. With only two easy chords, you will conquer this song in no time.

Tum hi ho

If you watched Aashique 2, then this is your favourite song. It is the ideal choice if you wish to impress a loved one. The music is gentle, supported by the fantastic vocals of the famous Arjit Singh. This tune features four repetitive chords, so it would be easy to play for beginners.

Kaun tujhe

This song has a sentimental meaning that will remain forever in our hearts. MS Dhoni: The Untold Story is the film that brought this song to us. The memorable lyrics reflect the love of two young people, making this song ideal for dedicating to your loved one. Plus, it is easy to learn, so you can play it within a few times of practicing.


With E minor as the original key, Baarish is an easy song, even for beginners. With four chords and one more for expression, this song is a simple one. Plus, it has a deep meaning. Baarish covers love at first sight, and the vocals by Payal Dev make it the ultimate love song for your significant other. You can enter the song in tools like Chordify, which instantly turns any song into chords.

Tere mere

Tere mere by Armaan Malik is an emotional song dedicated to long-distance relationships. Coming from the movie Chef is highly popular in the industry. If it is the right fit for your situation, you can quickly learn how to play it on the guitar or piano.

Tera yaar hoon main

The song might not be the easiest one out there. However, you will perform fine if you practice a little. It is a unique song known for highlighting friendship. The incredible vocals of Arjit Singh describe the friend's love, so this is the right song to dedicate to a dear friend.

Humnava mere

With being within the F minor, Humnava mere is one of the most straightforward Hindi songs. The fantastic voice of Jubin Nautiyal enhances the song, describing the endless love of two people in the distance. This song perfectly depicts emotions, with F minor to make it easier to play.

Jaan Ban Gaye

The signature song of the movie Khuda Hafiz is another choice that found its way to this list thanks to its simplicity. With a 4/4 time signature and B major, it is an excellent choice if you want to start playing music. Vishal Mishra is the singer responsible for the vocals in this awesome song.

Oh Saathi

With a 4/4 time signature and A flat major, Oh Saathi is a gorgeous song to play. Atif Aslam adds emotions to this song with his voice. Originating from the movie Baaghi 2, it is a lovely song to play on your guitar.

With so many songs on this list, it is your turn to make the right choice and find the suitable one for your occasion!